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Safe supportive space for first mothers to meet
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Books on adoption, reunion and loss
Adoption Healing... a path to recovery for mothers who lost children to adoption by Joe Soll, CSW & Karen Wilson Buterbaugh

The Girls Who Went Away: The Hidden History of Women Who Surrendered Children for Adoption in the Decades Before Roe v. Wade by Ann Fessler

Adoption Healing, by Joe Soll, C.S.W. 

Adoption Healing, A Path to Recovery Supplement, by Joe Soll, C.S.W.

The Other Mother, A moment of truth, by Carol Schaefer (Book and Movie)

Ambiguous Loss : Learning to Live With Unresolved Grief by Pauline Boss

Adoption and Loss: The Hidden Grief. By Evelyn Robinson

B----mother Trauma, by Heather Carlini.

The Same Smile: The Triumph of a Mother's Love After Losing Two Daughters by Susan Mello Souza, Joanne Medeiros Harrington

The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child by Nancy Verrier.

Adoptee Trauma, by Heather Carlini.

Fallen Women, Problem Girls: Unmarried Mothers and the Professionalization of Social Work, 1890-1945 by Regina Kunzel

Death by Adoption by Joss Shawyer


Wake Up Little Susie: Single Pregnancy and Race Before Roe v Wade 

I Would Have Searched Forever, by Sandy Musser.

"Of Sluts and Bastards: A Feminist Decodes the Child Welfare Debate" by Louise Armstrong (1995)

Beggars and Choosers: How the Politics of Choice Shapes Adoption, Abortion, and Welfare in the United States -- Rickie Solinger.

Ithaka: A Daughter's Memoir of Being Found by Saraf Saffin

Invisible Thread, novel by Maree Giles

To Prison With Love, By Sandy Musser.

Unlearning Adoption: A Guide to Family Preservation and Protection by Jessica DelBalzo
Open Records
New York Statewide Adoption Reform


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Empty Arms
  A private online support group for women from all walks of life all over the world who share one common bond, they lost their only child to adoption.  For more information, email us
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 A group of First Moms (who have lost a child to adoption) and are now reunited with that adult child, sharing experiences and solutions to the emotional journey of reunion via e-mail. We focus on understanding the process of reunion and building trust in both the birth/first Mom and her newly found child/now adult. Click here for                                     
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Judy Kelly, Ph.D  Adoption Specialist Intergrative Psychotherapy
Balancing Mind, Body & Spirit
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Information on NYC Support Group for all members of the Adoption Triad
Joe Soll, Adoptee, Therapist, Author and Group leader
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Pamela Slaton, Geneologist

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International Soundex Reunion Registry
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International Soundex Reunion Registry
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US Department of Health and Human Services
  Acess to adoption records - State Laws​
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Adoption Healing, A Path to Recovery